4 Glitter Makeup Tutorials + The CORRECT Removal Method

4 Glitter Makeup Tutorials + The CORRECT Removal Method

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    There are a lot of ways to add glitter to your makeup routine. There is also a certain way you need to remove the glitter once your event has ended. On the internet, many things need clarification about how to remove the glitter. This article will cover these aspects and share the correct removal methods that will not damage your skin.

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    How to Apply Glitter Properly 

    The first step is always to prep the area to which you intend to add glitter. To prep this area, you can use a water-based glitter gel, cosmetic glitter glue (also labeled as cosmetic glitter adhesive primer), aloe vera gel, face paint, eyelash glue, or Vaseline. One thing to remember is if you use Vaseline, and you apply too much, the final outcome will look too shiny or oily.

    While prepping, if you intend to add glitter to your eye region, for example, under the eyes, as eye shadow, or around your eyebrows, apply an under-eye mask to prevent excess glitter from sticking on your cheeks.

    When you are ready to apply glitter, you can use a makeup brush or an eye shadow brush. Avoid loading your brush with too much glitter to prevent a mess from occurring. Apply glitter to your eye area before resuming with the rest of your makeup so you can clean any excess glitter off your face.

    The types of makeup glitter available in the beauty market include:

    • Glitter pallets
    • Loose glitter
    • Liquid glitter eyeshadow
    • Glitter eyeliner
    • Glitter mascara (an emerging trend)

    Make sure to use cosmetic-grade glitter only! Or, better yet, biodegradable cosmetic-grade glitter.

    Cosmetic-grade glitter is made specifically for body application. The materials used to make it is safe for the eyes. Although it can be irritating if cosmetic glitter gets into your eyes, it will not cause any long-lasting effects on your health or damage your eyes.

    Although craft glitter and cosmetic glitter look similar, they will cause vision damage and infection if it gets into your eyes.

    To add glitter to your makeup routine, you must choose cosmetic glitter. Luckily, it is readily available in online stores, and only a quick google search is needed to buy some.

    Glitter Face Makeup Tutorial – 4 Ways to Wear Glitter on Your Face

    It is advisable to use glitter in one area only. Try not to use glitter in multiple areas of your face, or it will seem like you have overdone it. It is better to highlight one feature, such as the eyes or lips, for a more attractive outcome.

    How to apply glitter to your eyelids:

    The first step is to apply sunscreen all over your face. Sunscreen must always be the first step when doing makeup. You can usually apply sunscreen everywhere except your eyelids or too close to the bottom of your eyes to avoid irritation. Once the sunscreen is dried, apply your foundation (powder or liquid) or eye shadow. After this, spray some setting spray to hold the look better.

    Now, apply something to make your glitter stick. You can use Vaseline or cosmetic glitter glue. Try not to use a water-based gel glitter gel, as this may change how your eyeshadow looks. Adding Vaseline with a small makeup brush will be better.

    Once you have done this, use a small makeup brush or a damp Q-tip to add cosmetic glitter.

    The pictures are from WikiHow but there is a difference in the content between the sourced article and this article.

    If you wish to use glitter as an eyeliner, you can apply glue for false eyelashes on your lash line. Then with a damp Q-tip, apply your cosmetic glitter. After this, you can apply mascara. It will be better not to apply eyeliner as this can make the glitter come off.

    How to apply loose cosmetic glitter to your lips:

    There are only 4 steps needed to apply glitter to your lips.

    1. Prime your lips first. Exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub and add Vaseline or an SPF lip balm. You can also use a lip primer product after exfoliating your lips. I recommend using an SPF lip balm as a primer if you plan to go out during the day. If you are going out during the night, you do not need to use an SPF lip balm.
    2. Add lipstick. Use an intense, bold, opaque color as the base. The outcome will look better. You can use any lipstick or lip color with a brush.
    3. Use a lip liner to neaten the look and shape your lips.
    4. Add your glitter to your lips. Have a tissue in case glitter falls off your brush and onto your chin. You can mix different colors of glitter, but it is better to use a color that is the same shade as your lipstick.

    What else do I need to know?

    If you wish for a shiny outcome, apply MAC CLEAR LIPGLASS over your lipstick. Now that your lips are glossy follow through with loose glitter to your lips with a brush. Of course, the loose glitter must be the same color as your lipstick.

    For a more translucent look, you can mix your loose glitter with a similar color lip gloss on the back of your hand or other surfaces and then apply it with a brush.

    If you prefer a matt look, use DUO BRUSH ON STRIPLACK ADHESIVE on the tip of your lipstick. Then, use a brush to apply your loose glitter. If you use this adhesive, the glitter will stay on your lips much longer.

    How to apply glitter to your cheeks:

    This is easy to do. Of course, the first step is to apply a minimum of SPF 30 if you will go out during the day. If it is during the night, then use a moisturizer, preferably one with no fragrance, no essential oils, and no denatured alcohol.

    1. Rinse your face and moisturize or apply SPF 30. It depends on the time of day. The added hydration will make a difference.
    2. Apply a primer or liquid foundation. Usually, a moisturizer or SPF 30 is a good primer, but you can add a makeup primer as an additional layer if you wish. Do not use any skin-radiance makeup things.
    3. Choose the colors of a lighter eye shadow or a blush. Put this in the areas you intend to put glitter so the merge will look more natural.
    4. You can mix your glitter with your liquid foundation and apply it in your chosen area. This is good for beginners. You can also apply a skin-safe adhesive or Vaseline where you want to apply your glitter. After that, you can use a brush to apply your glitter.

    Another tip to keep in mind is that you can apply another glitter product that is two shades lighter than your main primary. You can use it as an outer layer. Use a fine brush, like an eyeliner brush. This will also help prevent the inner glitter from smudging.

    Example pictures of the content covered in this section - glitter on cheeks

    How to apply glitter to your eyebrows:

    This section will cover two ways to add glitter to your eyebrows.

    How to apply glitter to your under-eyebrow bone:

    It is effortless. It is just like applying glitter to the eyelids and cheeks, except simpler.

    1. Choose your adhesive. You can use Vaseline, eyelash glue, or a skin-safe adhesive. Apply it to your under-eyebrow bone. The Ben Nye Glitter Glue is a good choice for the under-eyebrow bone.
    2. Apply glitter with a flat brush. Hold some tissue underneath to prevent glitter from sticking to other areas on your face. Do not swipe the glitter on.

    How to apply glitter to the brows:

    1. Prime your brows first. To do this, brush your eyebrows. Then, remove excess plucked hair by washing your face. After this, I recommend using aloe vera gel for a soothing effect on the newly plucked brows.
    2. Apply brow gel. There are plenty on the market, but the most affordable one is the e.l.f Cosmetics Clear Brow & Lash Mascara.
    3. Apply loose glitter to your brows immediately after applying the gel. You can use a brush or your fingers. Hold some tissue underneath while you apply the loose glitter.

    How to remove glitter makeup

    You can do a few things to remove glitter.

    • If you use a regular carrier skin oil, rub the area with your fingers or a cotton ball in circular motions for at least 5 minutes. Then, wipe the area with a tissue. After this, rub the rest of your face with your chosen facial oil for another 5 minutes. To remove the oil, you can either use micellar water or a hydrating face wash to remove the oil.
    • If you use a cleansing balm or a cleansing oil, you only need to do this one thing. This is because once you have finished cleaning using a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm, the water will turn into a lather. Then done, your face is clean.

    Do not use face peel masks, nose strips, or anything of that nature. These products are very damaging to skin health. Of course, use products with no fragrance, denatured alcohol, ethanol, and essential oils.

    Ways to Wear Glitter Makeup

    There are several ways to wear glitter makeup. These include the following:

    • Glitter tattoos.
    • Glitter mascara.
    • Glitter eyeshadow.
    • Glitter lips.
    • Glitter on the cheeks.
    • Glitter on the forehead.
    • Glitter in the hair.


    Why is oil cleansing the better option for removing glitter?

    It is better for your skin health. If you use makeup wipes, peel-off masks, or nose strips, this will harm your skin. It will also age you more quickly. Use oils for the cleansing and then follow up with a hydrating cleanser.

    Is it safe to apply around the eyes?

    As long as you use cosmetic glitter, your eyes will not be harmed. If you get it in your eyes, it will be irritating but not actually harmful.

    Do I need a separate primer, or is a moisturizer or an SPF enough?

    A moisturizer or an SPF is a good primer. You do not need another primer before layering on the liquid foundation.


    There are many things you can do with glitter. One of them is adding it to your makeup regime for special events. A common misconception for removing the glitter is to use makeup wipes, pore strips, nose strips, or peel-off masks. This is what you SHOULD NOT do. You must use oils as the first step for removing the glitter.


    Many people wish to start with glitter for DIY projects. Many people also aim to establish a business in the arts and crafts industry. Thus, glitter is something that a DIY crafter or a manager of an art business needs to be aware of.

    Business leaders in the arts field need to be ready to answer questions about glitter. How to increase the durability of glitter decorations, the best sizes to use, and how to layer. These are a few examples of what to expect.

    PDYAGLITTER is the company that can help. We harbor over ten years of experience working with glitter. The purpose of this blog is to help entrepreneurs establish a business in the arts field. We are also looking to help general customers create their DIY products.  

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