Where Is Biodegradable Glitter Used?

Where Is Biodegradable Glitter Used?

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    Traditional glitter, usually made of microplastics, has long since been associated with pollution. The harm to marine life traditional glitter poses was and still is high.

    Luckily for us, biodegradable glitter is becoming more and more accessible due to the continued creation of large-scale manufacturing of popular products with fewer environmental issues.

    First Things First

    Manufacturers use polylactic acid (PLA) to make biodegradable glitter. The shine and sparkle stay the same as mainstream glitter despite being made from different materials. Biodegradable glitter is found in many daily items. A lot of people do not realize how important it is. The usability of glitter is commonly overlooked and forgotten.

    Uses for biodegradable glitter mainly fall into three categories; cosmetics, decorations, and crafts.

    1. Cosmetic biodegradable glitter can be used for multiple purposes. This includes bath bomb DIYs, shower gels, body art including nail polish, makeup for festivities, and more which will be listed below.
    2. Decorative biodegradable glitter is, of course, formulated to be used for decorative purposes. For example, fabric decorations and printing, card decorations, coatings, and decorations for non-cosmetic related purposes. Decorative biodegradable glitter should not be used for cosmetic purposes.
    3. Crafting biodegradable glitter is designed to be used in art classes for children, nurseries, and homes. Crafting biodegradable glitter should not also be used for cosmetic purposes.

    Biodegradable glitter can only properly decompose under the right conditions. Once it is disposed of or if for any reason it leaks into the natural environment, microbes will consume the biodegradable content. It will then turn into carbon dioxide, water, or biomass. How quickly it biodegrades depends on the temperature, moisture, and concentration of microbes.

    Clothes, cosmetics, soaps, and the list of uses for biodegradable glitter are almost endless. This article will cover some of the most prominent items biodegradable glitter is used for and ignite a newfound appreciation for it.

    Three Common Ways to Use Biodegradable Glitter

    How To Apply Biodegradable Glitter As Face Paint

    It is better to use a water-based glitter gel, such as the one below, for applying glitter to your face. You can also use face paint to apply glitter. This will give your final outcome a nice look. If you are trying this for the first time, do not Vaseline. Although some people use Vaseline to apply biodegradable face glitter, a lot more glitter will need to be used. The task will be more difficult.

    When you apply glitter, dip a small brush into the glitter pot and then tap it onto your face. Do not drag your brush across your face or the glitter gel will be wiped off. Also, it will be a messier task.

    Be careful around the eye area as with every type of glitter, no matter how much of good quality the biodegradable glitter can still irritate your eyes.

    If this is your first time, make sure that you do a 48-hour sample test in case your skin flares up. Also, ensure that your hands are fully cleaned by washing them with soap or by using hand sanitizer. It will also be beneficial for you to sketch your design on paper to prevent mistakes whilst applying.

    How To Stencil A Card with Biodegradable Glitter

    First, have a base ready to catch excess glitter. This can be a few layers of newspaper or another larger card. It is up to you.

    Take the card or the front fold of the card you intend to decorate. Use blue tac to stick your decorative cut-out (stencil) on the top of your card. You will be able to remove it easily later. Use a brush to apply PVC glue, or use a roller glue.

    After you apply the glue, add the glitter. Add an excess amount of glitter and press down on the glittered shape. This way, there will be no clump. Leave it for a few minutes before removing the stencil.

    The method shown in this wikiHow article differs from the method shared in this article.

    After you remove your stencil, leave the final product to dry for over an hour.

    How To Decorate Wine Glasses with Biodegradable Glitter

    Set up your workstation first. Lay some newspaper on the table first to catch excess glitter. Have all the items you need and a sketch of how you intend to decorate your wine glass.

    First, wipe your glass with cotton balls soaked with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). You only need to do this in the area you wish to apply your glitter. Then, put on masking tape where you want your glitter to stop. Make sure the masking tape is put on straight otherwise you will end up with a crooked line. Once this is done, use a paintbrush and apply Modge Podge or a glass glue brand of your choice.

    You can also decorate your glass with masking tape to add some additional patterns.

    If you use Modge Podge, you will need to add glitter immediately. This is because Modge Podge dries very quickly.

    After you add your glitter, leave your glass to dry overnight. If you wish to add another layer of glitter, ensure that the first layer of glitter is fully dry.

    Once you have left your glass overnight, remove the masking tape. Apply a sealing spray. You can use Krylon Crystal Clear. You can also use Modge Podge again as a sealant but it is better to use a spray based sealer. Leave the glass to dry for over an hour.

    You can access the site from where these pictures and the two pictures above were taken from by clicking on them.

    Once you have left your glass to dry again, if you wish, you can add a ribbon or other accessories. If you wish to add patterns, you can use masking tape. For example, use masking tape around your glass for a swirl effect.

    Other Areas Where Biodegradable Glitter Used

    Glitter is an excellent way to add decorative features to an event or other items for personalization.

    There is a vast number of uses for biodegradable glitter. Uses include:  

    • Tattoo stickers and face tattoos.
    • Face paints.
    • Lipsticks, eye shadows, shimmering foundation, blushes, and other cosmetics.
    • DIY projects, for example, glitter tumblers.
    • Toys.
    • Wrapping papers.
    • Cards.
    • Clothes.
    • Christmas gifts and decorations.
    • Wax for toddlers.
    • Bath bombs.
    • Soap making.
    • Glass decorations and glass paints


    Make sure to buy the right category of biodegradable glitter. It depends on what you will use it for. You have three to choose from, cosmetic grade, decorating grade, and crafting grade.

    In this article, written are 3 common ways to use biodegradable glitter. This includes face painting, card decorations, and wine glass decorations. These three instances are good for first-time DIY crafters to try.


    Do I need to store biodegradable glitter differently?

    You can store it the same way you would store traditional glitter. Biodegradable glitter is stable until exposed to specific conditions or bacteria. You can keep it in any designated glitter pot for convenience and organization.

    Can I get away with using biodegradable decorative glitter as face paint?

    Use cosmetic-grade biodegradable glitter only.

    Can I get away with doing a 24h patch test? Or do I need to do a 48h one?

    It is better to do a 48h patch test.


    Many people wish to start with glitter for DIY projects. Many people also aim to establish a business in the arts and crafts industry. Thus, glitter is something that a DIY crafter or a manager of an art business needs to be aware of.

    Business leaders in the arts field need to be ready to answer questions about glitter. How to increase the durability of glitter decorations, the best sizes to use, and how to layer. These are a few examples of what to expect.

    PDYAGLITTER is the company that can help. We harbor over ten years of experience working with glitter. The purpose of this blog is to help entrepreneurs establish a business in the arts field. We are also looking to help general customers create their DIY products.  

    Evan Ng

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