How do we make glitter?

How do we make glitter?

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    Have you ever wondered what the shiny material is on the eyes of models? That’s called glitters!!

    Glitters are tiny sparkling dots in various colors, shapes, and sizes. They constitute different materials depending on their usage. Shimmering properties are due to their ability to reflect light. Specific films are in use for shimmer, which I will discuss later. The first production of modern plastic glitter was by the American machinist Henry F. Ruschmann. He invented the machine to cut photo films and paper in the 1930s.

    The quality of glitter depends on the films used for the coating. One can differentiate between the excellent and cheap quality of glitter by looking at it. Cheap glitters are asymmetrical and a mixture of different flecks of glitter. Creating and shaping glittering requires immense attention, precision, and efficiency. Keeping this in mind, let me take you with me on the journey of this glitter-generating process!!

    1. Manufacturing process:

    1a. Heating and coating:

                  Let’s see how we make glitter. We use the following ingredients:

    • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET),
    • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC),
    • Oriented Polypropylene (OPP),
    • Aluminum foil,
    • biodegradable Polylactic acid (PLA),
    • and Iron oxide.

    Glitters constitute different films, i-e. PET and PVC.

    • Craft glitter contains PVC film,
    • Polyester glitter consists of PET film,
    • Holographic glitter from the film already has the holographic property,
    • Iridescent is the combination of PET and acrylic together and
    • Metallic is the product of single-colored foil only.

    We melt the ingredients into thin sheets and coat them with material like Titanium Dioxide or Aluminum Oxide. It gives a shiny look. These glossy sheets are, in turn, treated with bright or iridescent colors.

    2b. Cutting and packaging:

    After coating, we cut the polished sheets into different shapes and sizes. For cutting purposes, other machines are in use for accuracy and efficacy. The end product will be the same considering shape and size.

                   Cutting machines has blades of variant size and configuration. Most machines cut the sheet into either hexagonal or square shapes. The shape depends on how we place the sheet onto the device. Whereas other machines die-cut shapes from the film. We use different blade configurations after establishing the size of the glitter. We place the sheets on the machine’s mat, set the image and size settings, and are good to go. Splendid-shaped glitter! What else do you need?

           Ultimately, we gather flakes of glitter, store them, and package them for the client. We have bags, jars, sprayers, shakers, small bags, small packages, 0.5 ounces, 1 ounce, 2 ounces, 1kg, 25kg, and so on. We package the inner material into paper cartons.

    2. Types and colors of glitters:

           We have nine varieties of glitter in 1500+ available colors at our site. Let me tell you about the properties of glitters available.

    Serial no.TypeAppearanceThe film used for coatingSolvent resistantHeat resistantToxic
    2.HolographicRainbow effectPET, OPP, NylonYesYesNo
    3.IridescentColor travel effect (we can see color at a particular angle)PET, AcrylicYesYesNo
    4.FluorescentMatte finish & it will glow under a black lightPETYesYesNo
    5.Color shiftIt appears as one shade that shifts to a different color depending on the viewed angle.Polyethylene, PolybutyleneYesYesNo
    6.BioA Bold, deeper lookCelluloseNoYesNo
    7.ChunkyChunks look-like confettiPolypropyleneYesYesNo
    8.UVThe color changes when charged with a UV light sourcePolyethyleneYesYesNo
    9.GlowIt changes color depending on the light shown on the glitterPET, PVC PEYesYesNo

    Coloring the glitter can be tricky. As the light reflects, the viewer can perceive the color as lighter than the actual shade. Measuring the paint to give an equal distribution throughout the sheet is essential. We use a spectrophotometer for measurement. Sheets are coated with the desired film as a single layer to provide a glossy look. On top of this, we add colored or transparent plastic/ acrylic. High heat is then applied to administer bright, sharp color. Light reflects between these surfaces to give a sparkly glance.

    3. Shapes:

    The standard shapes of glitter we are offering include the following:

    • hexagonal,
    • square,
    • circle,
    • triangle,
    • five-star,
    • strip, and so on.

    We can customize special shapes according to the customer’s requirements. What you want, what we will produce!!

    We have the following shapes available:

    • Heart                                                               
    • dot
    • maple leaf
    • dollar
    • eye
    • strip type
    • pumpkin
    • snowflake
    • star
    • butterfly
    • plum blossom
    • tree

    4. Size:

    What is the right size of glitter? Only you know the answer to it! We propose diverse sizes of glitters; the end product will be on your demand. The smallest size we offer is 0.001,” and the extra-large is 0.250″. We will set the machine’s setting to the wanted dimensions. So, the whole lot of glitter will be equal measurements, with no ups and downs!! Here is the list of sizes we produce:

    5. Uses:

     Glitter can be messy but fun to use. We use it in cosmetics on the face, nails, and body. Among different types of glitters, polyester is the safest to apply on the skin and is FDA Certified. Using glitter in arts and crafts, accessories, and textured items prevails. They add value to furniture, clothing, floors, windows, and houses.

    6. Application:

    Applicator use for glitter appliances depends on the surface. If it is on the body part, aloe vera gel is beneficial to stick the glitter. Spread the aloe vera gel on the area of the skin. Then apply the glitter with your hand or a brush and wait for it to dry.

    For art and craftwork, apply glue to enforce glitter onto the surface. A glue gun is very easy-to-use for sticking purposes.

    7. Conclusion:

    Glitter-making is a complex and thoughtful process. It requires attention from the beginning till the end. It is trending nowadays in the cosmetic industry and among models due to its shimmery nature. It beautifies and enhances their looks, giving them the wanted hyped vibe.

    Be shimmery, be glittery!!

    Evan Ng

    Evan Ng

    Hi, I'm the author of this post. I've been working in the glitter industry for more than 5 years now, and I can answer any questions you may have about wholesale glitter or related products. Feel free to get in touch if you need help sourcing supplies or want to know more about the manufacturing process!

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