How to make glitter tumblers?

How to make glitter tumblers?

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    What are glitter tumblers? They are steel cups and mugs which we glitter and decorate. They are pleasing. You can personalize and write upon as per wish. How about a gift of a shiny, glittery mug with the name of your loved one on it?

    Do you know how to make glitter tumblers? No? Then you are in the right place.

    Let me tell you about the materials and the process of making colorful glitter tumblers.

    1. Materials:

    • Stainless steel tumblers, cups, or a mug
    • Painters tape
    • Spray paint/mod podge
    • Brushes
    • Glitter, extra-fine or chunky
    • Epoxy (both parts A and B)
    • Disposable rubber gloves
    • Small mixing cups
    • Small measuring cup
    • Popsicle stick or another stirrer
    • Adhesive Vinyl
    • Cup turner/spinner
    • 180-220 sandpaper
    • Paper plate or tray to catch drips
    • Alcohol
    • Sealer spray

    2. Prepping the tumbler:

    First, take off all the labels and wash the tumbler. Sanding it afterward helps in better sticking the paint onto the tumbler.

    Once the cup is clear, mark off your borders on the cup. By drawing edges, I mean covering the areas you want glitter free. I like the upper and lower edge of the cup glitter free. Apply painter’s tape on the top and bottom of the cup. Stick in a manner that half of the width covers the outer lip and half covers the inner side of the cup. It will protect the inner side of the cup from spray, which I’ll discuss later. Use a continuous strand of tape around the cup’s circumference and fold it off at the edge. It will be easier to take off at the end.

    After taping, wipe the cup with alcohol to clear any dust or adhesive from the labels. The cleaner the cup, the finer the finish will be.

    3. Spray paint:

    Before spraying on the cup, it’s better to pack it with paper so the paint doesn’t go inside it. For spraying, you should be in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves. Use the same color for paint as the glitter to give a fine finish.

    Turn the cup, so the bottom surface is facing upwards (if you wish to add glitter there too). Spray on the cup from 10-12 inches away with lighter hands and in shorter flares. Refrain from pushing the spray can throughout the process, or the coating will be uneven. Let it dry well.

    4. Adhesive:

    For glitter to stick on the cup, you need an adhesive first. For adhesion, there are two options; Mod Podge or spray adhesive. Let’s see the results for both.

    Let’s talk about Mod Podge first. Use a brush to paint over the whole cup in a uniform, smooth and linear line of Mod Podge. Be careful while working; there should be no streaks as they will clump together the glitter. After the appliance, pour over the glitter before the adhesive dries out. Otherwise, glitter will not stick to the cup. I will discuss later adding the glitter.

    For spray adhesive, be in a well-ventilated area. Please ensure you are in a place where the spray goes anywhere; it will not be a problem for you. Else you can use cardboard as a wall, so adhesive on it will not be a problem. Add glitter straightaway before the spray dries.

    5. Adding glitter:

    After applying adhesive, it is now the turn of glitter. It is easy to add glitter if the cup is on a spinner, but you can rotate it yourself if you want to. Before applying, take a piece of paper and crease it between so that glitter drops on it. The crease will help to pour the remaining glitter back into the container. The best glitter is good quality and has color all over its surfaces.

    After covering the cup with glitter, tap it a little to drop off extra glitter. Remove the painter’s tape. Let it rest for at least 6 hours or overnight to dry. After drying, tap it again to remove the glitter hanging on the cup. Then use a clean, dry brush and stroke down the cup to remove glitter that is not bound together.

    6. Sealing the glitter:

    Glitter can still flake off the cup till this process. To completely seal the glitter, you need to apply a clear coat of sealing spray in a well-ventilated area. Now, wait a few hours for the sealer to dry.

    7. Epoxy:

    Stick the painter’s tape in the same place as before with one difference. On the upper part of the cup, add the tape a little bit above the glitter line. It will give a fine finish and seal the glitter completely. Do the same on the lower part of the cup if it’s glitter free.

    Two types of epoxy are ideal for tumblers; art resins and tabletop. There are two parts of epoxy, thick and thin. For 10 ounce cup, 10ml of total epoxy for each epoxy layer is enough. Add 5 ml of part A (thicker) into one cup and 5 ml of part B (thinner) into another cup and mix them for a minute. Now add part B to part A by using a popsicle stick. Part B is thinner in consistency, so it will be easier to pour it. Scrape off the sides of the cup as much as possible to take out all the epoxy. Use a popsicle to stir to avoid bubbles. Keep mixing the epoxy until it is clear and not cloudy.

    Place the cup on the spinner, turn it at a slow speed and start pouring epoxy on it. Use a brush to smooth out the epoxy on the cup. Keep rotating the spinner until epoxy covers the cup completely. Once you complete pouring, wait for 15-30 minutes and then remove the painter’s tape. If you do not remove the sticking, it will seal under the epoxy. Let the spinner spin for 8-10 hours or overnight, so the epoxy doesn’t drip. The spinner will help smooth the epoxy and give it a finer look. After spinning, let the cup rest for a few more hours so the epoxy won’t be sticky anymore.

    8. Sanding:

    After it completely dries, stick the tape to the cup again. Then sand the glitter tumbler with sandpaper. It will smooth out the rough texture of the cup. Once it’s smooth, clean the cup with alcohol on a cotton swab or towel.

    9. Vinyl Decal:

    Adding Vinyl is optional. Vinyl has two types; removable or indoor and permanent or outdoor. The outdoor Vinyl is suitable for use on a tumbler, as it has the property to last long and they can be wet. Though we call them permanent, they can still peel off under high heat. That’s why you should never put a cup with Vinyl in dishwater or the microwave. Use thick, bold letters and cover as much space on the cup as possible. As it will stick more to the cup this way, the chances of peeling will be less than thin letters or loops at the end.

    Apply Vinyl by using a heat blower from a distance and use your hand to stick it. Leave it for 48-72 hours to adhere before moving on.

    10. Sealing the vinyl:

    Apply the epoxy to seal the Vinyl on the cup. Repeat step 7.


    There are various Vinyl designs available that you can use of your choice. It is optional to seal the Vinyl afterward, but sealing will help it last longer and give it a shiny appearance.

    Sealing the glitter with epoxy depends on you. If you want to add glitter and not lock it on the cup, it’s fine too. But the display of the tumbler will be rough, and glitter will fall off. Glitter on the tumbler will only last for a while. So, to last longer and to look good, it is better to seal it with epoxy.

    The glitter tumbler is fun to make. It is a beautiful gift for your loved ones. If you are passionate about glitter, you can turn your hobby into a business.

    How many layers of glitter does a tumbler need?

    It depends on you, the color you need. One layer is enough, but you need more glitter for a brighter shade.

    Can we wash glitter tumblers in dishwater?

    No, they should not.

    Can you add more glitter after epoxy?

    Yes. After sanding the tumbler with sandpaper, add an epoxy layer and glitter. Let it dry and afterward, add another layer of epoxy to seal it.

    How can you make a glitter tumbler with floating confetti?

    By drilling a hole in the lower part of the tumbler and filling it with glitter.

    How many layers of epoxy do you need to put on the glitter tumbler?

    2-3 coats, depending on the glitter layers.

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