How To Mix Glitter With Acrylic Powder

How To Mix Glitter With Acrylic Powder

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    Glitter is an excellent and versatile addition to any nail art design. But can you mix it with acrylic powder? Yes, you can. Adding glitter to acrylic creates a sparkly and eye-catching finish. There are different ways to incorporate it into acrylic. This includes mixing it into the acrylic powder or liquid or applying a glitter topcoat over the cured acrylic nails. This article will discuss adding glitter to acrylic and applying it to acrylic nails. Also, the uses and some tips for getting the best results.

    Can you add glitter to acrylic?

    Mixing glitter into acrylic powder is a widespread technique in nail art to create sparkly and eye-catching nails. Here’s how you can do it:


    • Acrylic powder
    • PDYA glitter
    • A mixing container
    • A nail brush
    • Liquid monomer


    1. Pour the desired amount of acrylic powder into a mixing container.
    2. Add a small amount of glitter to the acrylic powder. How much glitter you use will depend on the desired level of sparkle. Still, generally, it’s advisable to start with a small amount and add more bit by bit.
    3. Use a nail brush to thoroughly mix the glitter and acrylic powder, ensuring no clumps.
    4. Slowly add liquid monomer to the mixture while stirring continuously. The amount of liquid monomer you add will depend on the acrylic powder you have used and your desired consistency. Keep adding liquid monomer until you get a smooth and workable texture.
    5. Once the mixture is well blended, apply it onto the nails using a nail brush following the standard acrylic nail application process.

    It’s important to note that adding too much glitter to the acrylic powder can affect its strength and durability. Thus, it’s best to use glitter in moderation. Additionally, be sure to choose cosmetic-grade glitter, like PDYA glitter, which is safe for use on the skin.

    Process of applying glitter on acrylic nails

    Applying glitter on acrylic nails is a fun and easy way to add sparkle to your manicure. However, if you can’t find a color you like, you can mix your acrylic powder with fine glitter by following the steps above. After purchasing acrylic glitter powder in the shade, you want, here are the steps to follow:

    1. Prep your nails: Start filing and buffing your nails to your desired shape and smoothness. With a nail cuticle pusher, push back your cuticles. Afterward, clean your nails with rubbing alcohol or cleanser.
    2. Dip a nail brush into a liquid monomer and tap it into your glitter acrylic powder: Dip an acrylic nail brush into a container with a monomer. Dab the brush into the acrylic glitter powder so that a glittery bead forms on the bristles.
    3. A monomer is the activating agent for acrylic powder and helps it to form a hard layer covering whatever surface it’s applied to. When acrylic powder and monomer mix, they create a unique acrylic consistency that can be used for false nails, sculptured nails, and overlays.
    4. Press the bead onto your nail and use a brush to shape it: Push the glittery bead onto the center of your nail. Wipe off your brush on a clean paper towel to eliminate excess glitter or acrylic powder. Afterward, press the bristles on the sides and the acrylic top to shape the nail.
    5. After every stroke, clean your brush with acetone and monomer: A paper towel is handy for wiping the brush bristles. However, if you still see some glitter in the strands, pour a little acetone into a container and swirl your brush for a few seconds. Then, use a paper towel to wipe the bristles. Dip the brush into the monomer to condition the strands.
    6. To seal and encapsulate the glitter, apply a clear acrylic coat: Have a clean brush and dip it in the monomer. Tap it into clear acrylic powder and press the bead onto your glittery nail near the cuticle. Afterward, work it evenly down the entire nail to achieve a smooth and coated finish. This step is vital to give your nails a shiny and professional appearance.
    7. If you’ve used chunkier glitter, it’s essential to do this step to seal them in.

    What is acrylic glitter used for?

    Acrylic glitter is used in the beauty industry, specifically in nail art. It is used to create glittery and glamorous nail designs that can be customized according to the client’s preferences. Acrylic glitter can add sparkle to white French tips, create glitter ombre designs, or add a touch of glitter to any other nail art design. 

    Acrylic glitter is also used in various DIY projects, such as crafting, scrapbooking, and home decor. It can add a glittery finish to multiple surfaces, including paper, wood, plastic, and fabric.

    Tips and tricks for working with glitter and acrylic

    Working with glitter and acrylic can be a bit tricky, so the following information and tricks will help you achieve the finest outcomes:

    1. Choose the suitable glitter: Make sure to choose cosmetic-grade glitter that is safe for use on the skin. Avoid using craft glitter and opt for eco-friendly glitter made from biodegradable materials, such as plant-based cellulose or natural minerals.
    2. Mix glitter sparingly: When mixing glitter with acrylic powder, it’s essential to use glitter in moderation. Too much glitter can affect the strength and durability of the acrylic. Therefore, start little, then gradually increase as necessary.
    3. Use fine glitter: Fine glitter particles mix more evenly with the acrylic powder. They are less likely to cause clumping or lumpiness in the mixture.
    4. Work quickly: Once the acrylic mixture is applied to the nail, it hardens quickly, so work as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    5. Clean your brush: Clean your nail brush regularly while working with glitter and acrylic. This is to prevent the buildup of glitter particles on the brush.
    6. Use a glitter topcoat: If you want to add glitter to your nails without mixing it into the acrylic, consider using a glitter topcoat over the cured acrylic nails. This can reduce clumping and make the glitter application process more manageable.
    7. Seal in the glitter: Once the glitter and acrylic are applied to the nails, seal it with a topcoat or gel polish to help prevent chipping and extend the life of the nail design.

    Remember, working with glitter and acrylic can take some practice. Feel free to experiment and try new techniques to achieve your desired look.


    1. Can I add glitter to my acrylic powder?

    Yes. Glitter can be mixed with either clear or colored acrylic powders. However, work to a 2:1 ratio of acrylic powder to glitter or pigment.

    2. What kind of glitter is safe for nails?

    Cosmetic-grade glitter is used in beauty products. 

    3. How do you seal glitter on acrylic?

    Mod podge is an affordable option for sealing glitter onto any surface.

    Final thoughts

    Glitter can be added or mixed with acrylic powders. However, it’s vital to combine your mix thoroughly so that the glitter doesn’t affect the durability and strength of the acrylic. Remember to create fun and fabulous nail designs in your next appointment with glitter and acrylics!

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