Top 10 glitter suppliers in the United Kingdom

Top 10 glitter suppliers in the United Kingdom

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    Are you looking to order glitter in bulk for your new projects? Do you want to add that sparkle with massive variety in everything you make or design? If this is the case, you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 10 glitter suppliers in the United Kingdom.

    You can choose to order any glitter you want, shape, size, or layout from the wide variety offered, and yes, they even have multiple colors and shades followed by a mix of glitter too. So, what are you waiting for? Read below and find your supplier today!

    1.  Glitterexpress

    • Location: Stockport, UK
    • Type of Business: Wholesale and distribution
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Wax melts, nail powders

    Glitter Express is in the UK and offers a massive variety of glitter in more than 200 colors. They have a store in Stockport and even offer sales through their website. A wide variety of glitter can be used in multiple things.

    Whether in screen printing, candle making, or the cosmetic industry, you can grab the required glitter from having exceptional quality, and affordable prices. They even offer you glitter, which can be used for arts and crafts. Their collection comprises holographic glitters, cosmetic mica powder glitters, glitter flakes, nail art glitter, and more.

    The glitter offered here can also be used for home decor in fiberglass products, paint and even in making components through injection molding.

    2.  Myoctavia

    • Location: Leeds, UK
    • Type of Business: Wholesale
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Nail Polish, etc.

    Myoctavia offers premium glitter-based products, including glitter powders, pigments, and chunks. They have a wide variety of glitter, comprising a DIY glitter collection, arts, craft glitter collection, and multipurpose glitters.

    The glitter offered here comes in different shapes and sizes, and according to your requirement, you can choose to buy. They have a user-friendly website and offer to sell glitter on Amazon. They came into being after realizing people needed some excellent quality glitter for their projects and wished to help find the right glitter collection.

    They claim to offer environmentally friendly products, and you can use them in your art project. Moreover, if you are a cosmetic manufacturer, you can even buy their glitter and add it to your cosmetics. They even have beautifully designed glitter shaker bottles that form to be a point of attraction for many glitter lovers.

    3.  The Glitter Shop

    The Glitter Shop
    • Location: England, UK
    • Type of Business: Wholesale and manufacturing
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Varnishes, pots for glitters, accent beads.

    The Glitter Shop could be your go-to glitter supplier from anywhere in the world; they are located in England but supply almost all the countries worldwide. They have a wide range of glitter in multiple sizes and shapes. You can get on star-shaped glitter sequences and powdered glitter in multiple shades.

    The best thing about dealing with this company is that irrespective of the order size, and they will deal with you no matter if you need a small quantity or a big one; you can get it at much more affordable rates.

    The glitter collection that The Glitter Shop offers can be used for multiple art projects, give an excellent cosmetic form, and enhance your makeup products. Moreover, the different shades of glitter are suitable for nail art and can instantly lift the look of everything you do with it.

    The best part is that you have many options and colors; even these glitters can be used on fabrics, making them an excellent option for a fabric manufacturer.

    4.  Victoria Street

    Victoria Street
    • Location: Blackburn, UK
    • Type of Business: Wholesale, Manufacturing
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Glitter wallpaper, edible luster, biodegradable glitter

    Victoria Street is known for its excellent business policies when dealing in glitter. It is always packed with in-stock glitter in purple colors and shapes, so you always have something to order from here. The best part is that they cater to everyone’s businesses and clients.

    They have multiple colors in fine glitter that can be used in your art and craft projects. Moreover, the cosmetic glitter offered here is also FDA-approved. Hence choosing it for your cosmetics is always the best decision to make. Fine hex glitter comprises hexagonal shapes in thin and small sizes, which is good to go for many purposes and is available in multiple colors.

    Victoria Street even offers customized shapes of glitter like butterflies, stars, triangles, pineapples, and almost everything. You can even get your hands on bulk glitters customized for your products and deliver them to your end.

    5.  Glitter Body Art

    Glitter Body Art
    • Location: Bridgend, UK
    • Type of Business: Manufacturing and wholesale
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Stencils, glitter tattoos, body glue.

    Glitter Body Art is a production house where a massive amount of glitter is produced for different purposes. They manufacture glitter for the face, body, glitter glues, glitter tattoos, and whatnot.

    There is a wide variety of glitter to choose like fine powers in many color options, multiple shapes like fine hexagon glitter, holographic glitter, chunky glitter, and much more. The colors of their glitter are quite interesting, and they even glow when subjected to UV lighting. Choosing from their collection can give you a wide variety in terms of colors as well as types. They offer glitters for nail arts and also for cosmetic manufacturing.

    If you are in the field of arts and crafts or a cosmetic manufacturer, you can make the most of it. Moreover, they have also introduced their biodegradable glitter, which is suitable for those looking for sustainable glitter options.


    6.  Debdale Glitters

    Debdale Glitters
    • Year Founded: 1963
    • Location: Stockport, UK
    • Type of Business: Manufacturing
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Different types of glitters used in multiple applications

    Debdale Glitter offers a wide range of glitter products that can be used for many other industries. Glitter products offered by Debdale Glitter comprise flakes, holographic glitter, cosmetic glitter, disco glitter, and much more.

    The glitters manufactured by this company are used widely in many applications like arts and crafts, cosmetic manufacturing, making greeting cards, and manufacturing products with injection molding and fiberglass.

    Many industries depend on Debdale Glitters to get glitter for their products. They offer worldwide delivery of their glitters, and you can have many sizes, shapes, and colors according to your preference.


    7.  World of Glitter

    World of Glitters
    • Location: Chesterfield, UK
    • Type of Business: Manufacturing and wholesale
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Nail pigments, nail flakes, stickers, and colorful tapes

    World Of Glitter comprises beautiful glitter ideal for arts and crafts and nail art. It has a massive variety of glitter in dust, fine particles, and even holographic forms.

    Ranging from various colors, you can choose metallic shines and enhance the appearance of everything you make with this glitter. The best part of their glitter is that it comes in very nice packaging, and also you can purchase glitter sets. The glitters’ mixes comprise multiple ones, giving a beautiful rainbow-colored look.

    They even stock many accessories for nail art, including fake nails, stickers, nail jewels, and much more.

    8.  Festival Glitter

    Festival Glitter
    • Year Founded: 2014
    • Location: Manchester, UK
    • Type of Business: Manufacturing and supply
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Pigment powders, gems, face masks etc.

    Festival Glitter came into being in the year 2014, and with a minimal setup, it started to sell a small stock of glitter, but in no time, the demand for its glitter was taking a toll. They started manufacturing their glitter, and you can have a wide range of biodegradable and other forms of glitter like cosmetic glitter, art and craft glitter, chunky glitter, holographic glitter, and much more.

    Located in Manchester, they offer an option to purchase from their store, or if you are located anywhere in the world, you can choose to order from their website. They deliver within the UK, to all the EU countries, and even to non-EU countries.

    9.  RB Glitters

    RB Glitters
    • Location: Manchester, UK
    • Type of Business: Manufacturing and wholesale
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Glitter variations like standard glitter, plastic glitter, biodegradable glitter, metal powders.

    RB Glitters stands for Ronald Britton Glitter, and they have a worldwide supply channel for glitters of various types and metal powders. You can have all kinds of glitter here, ranging from biodegradable glitter, standard glitter, plastic glitter, cosmetic glitter, and much more.

    The cosmetic glitter they offer is FDA approved and can comfortably be used by cosmetic manufacturers. On the other hand, they supply their glitter in bulk to multiple businesses like automobile businesses, paint and pigment companies, fiberglass, arts and crafts, and many more.

    10.  Sparkle Supplies UK

    Sparkle Supplies UK
    • Location: United Kingdom
    • Type of Business: Manufacturing and wholesale
    • Main Product: Glitter
    • Other Products: Nail art, body jewels, transfer foils, stockers, etc.

    Sparkle Supplies UK is being run by a woman who started from her home and was interested in sparkling stuff. She wanted to share the finest quality sparkling products like glitter and gems with others, so she converted her passion into a business and now has a complete professional setup in the UK.

    They have a wide stock of glitters that can be used on the face, body, and for arts. They offer fine glitter in individual colors, chunky glitter in individual and multi-colors, and unique mixes with different themes. They deliver their glitter all over the world, and if you are in a business that requires using glitter and you are searching for the right quality option, Sparkle Supplies could be your rescue.

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