Top 10 glitter suppliers in the United States

Top 10 glitter suppliers in the United States

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    Are you someone who loves to add a little bit of sparkle to everything you touch? Or maybe you’re a crafter looking for the best quality glitter to bring your projects to life? Whatever your reason for seeking out glitter, finding a reliable and high-quality supplier is key. That’s why we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top 10 glitter suppliers in the United States. From fine glitter to chunky glitter, and every color of the rainbow, these suppliers have got you covered. So get ready to add some dazzle to your life as we explore the best glitter suppliers in the US!

    1.  Meadowbrook Inventions, Inc.    

    • Location: New Jersey, USA
    • Company type: Manufacturing, distribution
    • Year founded: 1934
    • Main product: Glitter
    • Other products: Colorful fibers, sequence, fringes, ribbons.

    Meadowbrook Inventions is among the leading glitter manufacturers and suppliers in the USA. They manufacture high-quality glitter with multiple variations. Their glitter collection includes jeweled glitter, makeup glitter, biodegradable glitter, and more.

    They ensure using high-quality raw materials for manufacturing glitter using innovative production methods. Hence, strict quality control is also maintained, which ensures the customer is satisfied.

    The volume capacity of this company is high, which means they can efficiently cater to bulk orders. They are keen to deliver in almost every country and are known to be among the top exporters of glitter. Apart from glitter, they also have other products used in arts and crafts, like sequins, colored fibers, and much more.

    Meadowbrook Inventions supplies high-quality glitter throughout the world in no time, and their experience of years has made it possible for them to hold an essential place in the glitter industry of the USA.          

    2.  Today Glitter

    • Location: Miami, USA
    • Company type: Manufacturing, distribution
    • Main product: Biodegradable glitter
    • Other products: Stencils used in arts and crafts, glitter-based wrapping paper.

    Today Glitter is known to manufacture and supply biodegradable glitter worldwide, with its headquarters in Miami, Florida, in the USA. They are the first ones to realize how important it is to have biodegradable glitter because of the impact of plastic on the environment.

    They used a very smart strategy and developed their glitter using a eucalyptus cellulose core instead of plastic. Their immense experience and high-tech research have made them develop useful glitter used in multiple ways for cosmetics and arts and crafts without causing any harm.

    The quality of glitter offered by them is commendable, and the best part is that there are many colors to choose from, and it is suitable for kids and adults. You can use it on your body and face, and it won’t harm you. This company ensures all its produced glitter meets safety and quality standards.

    3.  Glitter Galore and More

    • Location: USA
    • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
    • Year founded: 2004
    • Main product: Glitter
    • Other products: Makeup brushes, cosmetic kits, glitter stickers

    Glitter Galore and More has operated since 2004 and offers multiple colors of glitter, which are used in different ways. The glitter provided by this company comes in the form of jars, each containing about 5 grams of glitter, and it can be used in cosmetics, candles, arts and crafts, and much more.

    In cases where a bulk amount of glitter is needed, it can be arranged in one-pound bags, and there are many glitter kits and collections to choose from. The quality of their glitter is quite good; when used on the body, it causes no reaction.

    The best part is that you can get the glitters here at a wholesale rate worldwide shipped to your doorsteps. Hence, Glitter Galore and More can be suitable for ordering bulk glitter for your projects. They have been using advanced methods to produce safe glitters and have an experienced team looking after the glitter manufacturing process.

    4.  Glitter Hippo

    • Location: Winter Haven Florida, USA
    • Year Founded: 2015
    • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
    • Main product: Glitter
    • Other products: Souvenir makers.

    Glitter Hippo came into being in 2015 and has been known worldwide for its excellent glitter collection. They have progressed in manufacturing and supplying high-quality glitter with multiple options worldwide.

    They have a wide range of glitter powder in multiple colors: glow-in-dark, chunky, crystal, color-changing, and whatnot. This massive glitter collection is available at their retail space in Florida, and they even ship their glitter to every corner of the world through their website.

    5.  The Glitter Guy

    • Location: New Jersey, USA
    • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
    • Year founded: 2018
    • Main product: Glitter
    • Other products: Resin, tapes, inks, printed vinyl, etc

    The Glitter Guy is known for supplying arts and crafts products and glitters. This business started in 2018 in New Jersey and is a family-owned setup with a manufacturing facility of about 50,000 square feet. They have more than 90 retail stores throughout the US, and apart from this, they are supplying globally.

    Their business has been the fastest-growing business of glitter, with massive sales of every product. When it comes to glitter, they have an enormous variety. It is not just the glitter that is used in arts and crafts. Edible glitter, makeup glitter, glow-in-the-dark glitter, and they even manufacture mixes of glitter. They started with a small setup with just 17 staff members, but their exponential growth has made them the pioneers in this field and is booming these days.

    6.  Glitter Company

    • Location: CA, USA
    • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
    • Main product: Glitter
    • Other products: Food coloring, cosmetic colorants, sprinkles, etc

    Glitter Company, as the name suggests, is a company in the USA as a well-known wholesale supplier of glitter. This company operates based on a huge employee count and has created glitter of all kinds with its immense progress in research and development.

    It comprises an edible collection of edible glitter that goes well with drinks, desserts, and everything you want to use. On the other hand, it also has a wide range of cosmetic-grade glitter, including holographic glitter, metallic glitter mica, and much more.

    The food-grade glitter they offer is FDA-approved, and therefore you can have a safe and usable form of glitter with many options and have it packed in your private labels if you require it before it is delivered to you.

    7.  Glitter Chimp

    • Location: Texas, USA
    • Year founded: 2019
    • Company type: Manufacturing
    • Main product: Glitter
    • Other products: Vinyl

    Glitter Chimp is one of the leading glitter manufacturing companies in the USA, founded in 2019 by Katelyn Sclafani. She started her business from a small garage with her husband and three helpers, and they flourished by leaps and bounds.

    The Glitter Chimp grew quickly as it has multiple glitter forms for one color. You will find various shades. Similarly, the dust or glitters are even offered in a massive, astonishing variety of shapes. Now, they have a proper setup where they stock their glitters and even ship them on orders. Apart from glitters, they also stock vinyl papers which are widely used and sold.

    8.  Glitties

    • Location: UT, USA
    • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
    • Main product: Glitter
    • Other products: All grades of glitter

    Glitties offers a wide variety of glitter in the USA and is open with its manufacturing in multiple colors and shapes. You can also have a bar glitter which sounds exciting and new. They offer bulk glitter purchases because of their wholesale nature of business, and you can have these products delivered to your desired destination.

    The company offers cosmetic grade glitters and glitters for arts and crafts, and these glitters are even available in the form of kits and multiple shapes like hexagon glitter, star glitter, and much more. Even if you opt for this glitter in the powdered form, there are two options. They supply it in the basic powder form and a very fine powder form.

    9.  Brew Glitter

    • Location: USA
    • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
    • Main product: Food-grade glitter
    • Other products: Food coloring, cocktail salts, beverage straws

    BREW Glitter is a leading brand in the USA with more than 60 kinds of glitters which are food and drink grade. The beverage and food industry highly depends on this company to source glitter for their food items.

    They manufacture powdered glitter and even glitter sprays to decorate food items. The glitter offered by them is high-quality, FDA-approved glitter. Moreover, it is vegan as it contains no nuts or gluten.

    This glitter is based on minerals, not sugar, and doesn’t cause the taste or texture of your food and drink to differ. If you are looking for 100 percent edible glitter, checking out Brew Glitter should be your priority.

    10. Glitterex

    • Location: NJ, USA
    • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
    • Year founded: 1963
    • Main product: Glitter
    • Other products: Different kinds of glitters used in cosmetics and arts and crafts

    Glitterex has operated in the USA for the past 50 years and has attained well-deserved fame. They have an in-house manufacturing setup and take note of everything that goes on in their product. Hence, there is no compromise on the quality, and ACMI approves their glitter.

    They have a diversified range of glitter that is suitable for multiple industries. Cosmetic glitter is found for nail polishes, lips, and face makeup. Similarly, their glitter is also used widely in many decorative items. Moreover, injection molding industries also use their glitter to manufacture their products.

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