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As a leading glitter supplier and manufacturer, we provide top-quality glitter makeup products to help unleash your creativity. Explore our extensive range and elevate your beauty creations with our vibrant, versatile, and high-performance glitters. Click to discover the perfect sparkle for your professional or personal projects.


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Exceptional Glitter for Polyester Projects

As a reputable glitter manufacturer and supplier, we provide high-quality glitter tailored for a variety of polyester applications. Our adaptable and captivating glitter range will infuse a touch of sparkle into projects across diverse industries. Click to discover our extensive selection and take your polyester-based creations to new levels of brilliance!

What types of glitter do you offer for polyester applications?

We offer a wide range of glitters, including metallic, holographic, iridescent, and matte finishes, suitable for various polyester applications across different industries.

Are your glitters eco-friendly and safe for use in polyester projects?

Yes, our glitters are made from eco-friendly materials and comply with industry safety standards, ensuring they are safe for use in your polyester projects.

What is the minimum order quantity for your glitter products?

Our minimum order quantity is 1 kg per product. We offer volume discounts for larger orders, making the price more cost-effective. Please note that smaller orders may result in higher shipping costs. For detailed information on pricing and discounts, please contact our customer support team.

Sparkle with Every Stroke

Wholesale Nail Glitter

Elevate your nail art business with our wholesale nail glitter solutions. Enjoy the convenience of custom packaging options tailored to your brand. Our glitters are acid and alkali resistant, ensuring long-lasting beauty. Discover a wide range of colors, effects, and sizes to fuel your creativity.

Acid and alkali resistant 97 %
Color 88 %
Stability 92 %

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