Polyester Glitter Color Card

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PDYAGLITTER Polyester, also known as Polyester Glitter, is our top-selling glitter line. It boasts a stunning mirror finish with vibrant metallic colors, referred to as Metal-Flake, polyester flake, Glitter, Flitter, or Sparkles. These particles are designed to withstand solvents, UV rays, and heat, ensuring lasting brilliance. With a palette extending over 200 colors, there’s a shade for every creative need.

Polyester Glitter Color Card

Our color card showcases a dazzling array of glitter options, far beyond what meets the eye. While the picture may display 1/96 size, our glitter collection spans an extensive range, from as fine as 1/500 to as large as 1/4, and an array of captivating shapes. Dive into a world of choices, including fine powder, ultra-fine powder, chunky, and more. Plus, we offer customization to match your exact size preferences, ensuring your creative visions come to life.

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Our collection features an incredible array of over 1,500 vibrant hues and 300 shapes and sizes to suit every style!