LX04 Glitter Tattoos: Radiate Unrivaled Brilliance Beyond the Ordinary!

LX04 Glitter Tattoos: Radiate Unrivaled Brilliance Beyond the Ordinary!
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Introducing the LX04 glitter – the ultimate shimmer essential that promises not just a sparkle, but an unmatched radiance! Perfect for tattoos, nails, gifts, thermoses, and even your face and body, this glitter is your ticket to outshining the ordinary.



Blue, Green, orange, Pink, Red


cosmetic, polyesters




1KG, 1OZ, 25KG, 2OZ, 500G



Key Benefits:

  • Tailored for Tattoos: Unveil dazzling glitter tattoos with our 12 dynamic colors, each specifically curated to captivate and dazzle.
  • Precision in Fineness: A 1/128 fluorescent fine powder ensures your tattoos have the perfect luminosity every time.
  • Earth-Friendly Sparkle: Our glitter is as kind to the environment as it is to your skin. Durable and eco-conscious, your artistry also contributes to a better planet.
  • Safety in Shine: Embrace brilliance without compromise. LX04 is non-toxic, skin-friendly, and allergy-tested.
  • Versatile Radiance: Ideal for professional tattoo artists, beauty enthusiasts, and everyone in between. With LX04, your glitter tattoos will undoubtedly shine brighter than ever!



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