Wholesale cosmetic shimmer use lipstick eye shadow from factory suppliers

Wholesale cosmetic shimmer use lipstick eye shadow from factory suppliers
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Fast shipping on small order quantities: Get your glitter fast when you need it!
Versatile: Perfect for makeup, children’s toys, clothing prints, and more!
Eco-friendly and durable: Made from PET material, it’s both environmentally friendly and durable.
Solvent and heat resistant: Capable of withstanding conditions that other glitters can’t.
Uniquely bright: The fluorescent effect ensures an extraordinary, brighter sparkle under natural or UV light.
Varied size mix: A blend of sizes for a dynamic, eye-catching sparkle.
Aesthetically pleasing: Light gold color adds a touch of elegance to any look.
Order AQ 47 MIX Glitter today and transform your ordinary into extraordinary! Brighten up your day and everyone else’s with the glitter that keeps on giving!


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Product Description:

Add a magical touch to your makeup routine with AQ 47 MIX Glitter, the glitz that brings life to any look! This radiant light gold glitter is the perfect blend of sizes 1/8, 1/24, and 1/128, offering a dynamic sparkle that will turn heads wherever you go.

Crafted from eco-friendly PET material, our glitter is designed to resist heat and solvents, ensuring that it keeps its vibrant shine no matter the conditions. Plus, with a light resistance rating of 6-7, you can trust it to shimmer brightly even in the most challenging lighting scenarios.

One of AQ 47 MIX Glitter’s defining features is its exciting fluorescent effect – a unique quality that reflects an even brighter color under natural or UV light. This sets your look apart and ensures you’re the center of attention at any event.

Whether you’re amping up your eyeshadow, adding sparkle to your lips, or giving your body a radiant glow, AQ 47 MIX Glitter is the go-to choice for beauty enthusiasts. Not only limited to cosmetics, but this versatile glitter is also perfect for enhancing children’s toys, food packaging, and clothing prints.


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